Parish Council


Graeme E Hall (Chairman)
Oliver Hurlock (Vice Chairman)
Chris Hurlock
Kaye Dawe
Malcolm Robinson
David Clough (Co-opted May 11, 2015)
Karen Bushell (Co-opted May 11, 2015)

Parish Clerk, Bartholomew Hall: 01728 280002

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Council Meetings:

Council meetings are usually held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on the 1st Monday of January, March, May (AGM), July, October and November. Parish Council information is posted on the village notice boards. These are open meetings and the public are welcome.

2016 Meeting Dates  
11 January Council Meeting (which affirmed the following meeting dates)
7 March
April EGM on Speed Indicator Display and Speeding in Hacheston (Date to be announced)
9 May Annual Parish Council Meeting (and Annual Parish Meeting)
4 July  
3 October
7 November  
2017 Meeting Dates  
9 January  
13 March  
2015 Meeting Dates  
05 January
Council Meeting
09 April
Council Meeting followed by the APM. There is no March meeting this year
11 May
Council Meeting APCM
06 July
Council Meeting
05 October
Council Meeting
02 November
Council Meeting


Last Updated: 2016-03


Agenda and Minutes of Hacheston Parish Council Meetings