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Below is the acknowledgement from Suffolk Local Plan of HPC's submission, a letter from Mark Edgerley about how to view comments and Chairman Robinson's email to him.


Acknowledgement from Suffolk Coastal Local Plan

From: suffolkcoastallocalplan []
Sent: 27 November 2017 16:04
To: suffolkcoastallocalplan <>
Subject: Acknowledgement - Help Plan our Future – Options for the new Suffolk Coastal Local Plan

Help Plan our Future – Options for the new Suffolk Coastal Local Plan

Thank you for submitting comments on the Options for the new Suffolk Coastal Local Plan. Your comments will inform the First Draft of the Local Plan which is expected to be published late Spring 2018.

We will publish a summary of all the responses received and how we have addressed them alongside the First Draft of the Local Plan. However, we are unable to provide an Officer response to each individual comment. At the First Draft consultation stage there will be a further opportunity to submit comments on the Local Plan and we will notify you at that time.

If you are not already on the Local Plan mailing list you can register via our online consultation system at

Please note that comments cannot be kept confidential. Your name and comments will be made available via our online consultation system and  at

Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils are working as a partnership and all emails received from us will use the email address | |


Letter from Mark Edgerley, Suffolk Coastal Local Plan

From: Mark Edgerley
Sent: 20 November 2017 09:36
To: 'Malcolm Robinson'
Subject: RE: Suffolk Coastal Local Plan Review - Hacheston Village

Hi Malcolm,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you but we are still inputting the comments into the system and I have taken the opportunity to discuss your request further with colleagues who have more experience of using the consultation software than I do – hopefully the links below will address some of your enquires in respect of consultation responses.

As you are aware, the responses are being input into the consultation system and these will all inform the Council’s approach to the next steps.  As a team of officers (and members) we are committed to continued engagement with Parish Councils and continuing the engagement we started during the most recent consultation.  We of course also learn from our previous experiences (in the Site Allocations DPD) and will ensure that any issues which relate to a specific town/parish are highlighted to the respective town/parish council in good time. 

Part of the process of analysing the consultation responses will be for officers to discuss specific issues, where appropriate with those who submitted consultation responses.  These discussions could be a mixture of clarification and negotiation as the plan evolves and many of these discussions will take place with town/parish councils as well as developers or those promoting sites.  Therefore if relevant, please rest assured that Hacheston Parish Council will be involved over the next few months as the documents evolve into the First Draft Plan (Preferred Options).

In respect of how you and others might be able to find all the comments in relation to Hacheston, this can be done in a number of ways.  To view the comments about the sites in Hacheston, you can use the link below which will take you to a list of communities showing maps of different areas.  If you scroll through you will find your village and at the time of writing this email there are 11 comments in relation to the sites in Hacheston.

Other consultation responses have been submitted with comments referencing Hacheston, these can be found by using the “Search for Comments” function at the top of this page:

Please select the “Search for Comments” link and then use the box select the option of “Contains” and input the word “Hacheston” into the box labelled “Containing” as shown below: 

At the time of writing, this search provides 31 comments from a variety of respondents and this list may be added to as we get through the remaining consultation responses.

I trust that this email provides you with the assurances and information that you are looking for and once again apologies for the delay in responding to you.

Kind regards,


Letter from HPC Chairman to Mark Edgerley Suffolk Coastal Local Plan

From: Malcolm Robinson 
Sent: 10 November 2017 11:55
To: Mark Edgerley
Cc: Carol Poulter; Tony Fryatt; Hacheston Parish Clerk
Subject: Suffolk Coastal Local Plan Review - Hacheston Village

Dear Mark

I write further to the above, our meeting with you on 9.10.17 and Hacheston Parish Council’s (HPC) response to the Issues and Options Consultation.

My understanding of the process is that we will next hear from you when you issue the Proposed Submission Plan in September / October 2018. You will be aware from our submission and those of a number of residents of Hacheston that there is significant opposition to and concern about the proposals put forward for Hacheston. These proposals have been put forward by developers / owners without any prior discussion with HPC and without any concern for the opinions, feelings or needs of residents.

Based on our experience with the Site Allocations DPD we know that developers are feeding into this process continuously and that as the process proceeds sites retained in it begin to assume legitimacy. We are very concerned that between now and Autumn 2018 you will be having discussions regarding the sites in Hacheston with developers and public bodies and coming to conclusions about whether or not they should remain in the process.

HPC would like an assurance from SCDC that should SCDC receive any information or submission from any source regarding a potential site in Hacheston, be it verbal, written or electronic, in the period between the closure of the Issues and Options phase and your next consultation you will advise HPC and give it the opportunity to submit its views into the review process.

Whilst writing I would ask if there is any way we can access the information submitted during the call for sites phase of your consultation. We would like to make as much information as possible available to our residents on our website and so far for some of the sites we only have the number of houses that are proposed. We would like to know who is the developer / owner and if there are any layout plans etc. We would also like to provide a direct link to the section of your website that allows you to look at the comments received in the issues and Options consultation. We have a link that goes to the ‘new online consultation system’ and from your website it appears you have to search for this. It would be preferable if we could have a link that allowed Hacheston resident to easily see all the comments that had been received for Hacheston. Due to the way you are allocating responses to questions and because every response doesn’t include Hacheston it is not possible to do this.

Best regards

Malcolm Robinson

Chairman Hacheston Parish Council